At the recent ICAK-USA (International College of Applied Kinesiology USA chapter) there were many cool new aproaches to improving our health. One of the most interesting presentations was on telomere research. Telomeres are the ends of our
chromosomes, a little of which are lost every time a cell divides. When the telomeres got too short, the cell stops dividing, becomes senescent, dies or sometimes becomes cancerous.

The good news is, there are ways, with lifestyle measures and techniques like NET (neuro-emotional technique) and others we use in the office that can slow the shortening of our telemeres and possibly even lengthen short ones. Studies on mice have shown that lengthening telomeres can actually *reverse* the aging process!

A lot of the approaches to improving telomere length involve healthy lifestyle choices (stress reduction, low glycemic index diet, proper exercise, increasing anti-oxidants) are those I’ve been talking to you about for years. In addition, many of the treatment approaches we use in the office also turn out to be likely telomere lengtheners!

I’ll be talking more about telomeres and how to keep them longer this Wednesday, June 6, 6:30 at our June Health Talk.
Here’s a link to some recent research on reversing aging in mice through telemere therapy

Hope to see you there!