Adrenal Stress Disorder

A condition that results when the body is subjected to more stress than it can handle or adapt to. Types of stress include: Emotional: what we usually think about as stress Physical: overwork, poor sleep, structural imbalance Chemical: caffeine, nicotine, refined sugar, solvents, paint and cleaning product fumes Thermal: Extreme cold or heat or large [...]


Symptoms Itching anywhere on body Sneezing, asthma, difficulty breathing Fatigue Irritability Learning problems, trouble focussing Poor memory "Brain fog" Indigestion Joint or muscle pain throughout body Poor immune function Causes Poor adrenal function Improper liver function Candida yeast problems Incomplete digestion Marginal dehydration Acupuncture meridian imbalances Neurologic disorganization Treatment Applied Kinesiology (AK) tests for food, [...]

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