Coconut Oil

More than a few good reasons to love coconut oil! Is easier to digest than most oils Its medium chain fatty acids can be digested without pancreatic enzymes or being converted to triglycerides Can act as a quick energy boost without triggering insulin increase Helps with weight loss, especially if used to replace other fats [...]


MMUNI-TEA: This is a recipe for tea that provides easy to absorb sources of vitamins A, C, and other factors for the immune system. It is useful for viral infections, colds, flus etc. When you're sick one cup each hour is the optimal usage. If you don't want to mix your own, it is available [...]


1. The most beneficial exercise for general health, blood pressure, energy, weight loss and cardiovascular health is aerobic exercise like walking, biking, hiking, swimming, slow jogging or race-walking. 2. Anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting, tennis, basketball and sprinting is okay in small doses but should only be used once you are in good aerobic [...]


DO: Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Try to get at least five ½ cup servings each day. Eat a wide variety of foods to make sure you get all your vitamins, trace minerals, and phytonutrients. Drink 6 - 10 cups of pure water each day. You can get by with 6 if your small [...]

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