Specific Carbohydrate Diet/SCD

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) Page

This page will be devoted to our patients and friends who are using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

SCD, is the best diet tool I have found for helping heal some serious
metabolic problems. People both in our practice and elsewhere have
reported that the SCD has helped with:

   Digestive and intestinal problems including:

       Celiac disease



       Irritable bowel


   Chronic depression


   Carbohydrate addiction

   Chronic obesity

   Chronic fatigue

  Helpful SCD Websites

Elaine Gottshall's Website, Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Gottchall is the one who started it all with her groundbreaking book,
"Breaking the Vicious Cycle". This site is a wealth of information and
a good place to start if you want information about the SCD. There are
lists of "legal and Illegal" foods, testimonials from people who have
had their loves changed by the SCD and links to many related sites.

Clink on the "Support" link for a listing of SCD friendly doctors and support groups around the world.

Lucy's Kitchen

This is a great place to buy supplies to make the SCD easier. Yogurt
makers and culture, very good quality almond flour, recipe books
including one written by Lucy! Lucy is also a font of information and
is always happy to help out with advice, answers to questions and

SCD recipes

of recipes with in alphabetical order and arranged by type and primary
ingredient. Run by the author of "Adventures on the Family Kitchen" a
great SCD cookbook with an East Indian "flavor".


Kim runs an SCD email list that Karen has been participating in and enjoying quite a bit.

No More Crohns

This is the website of a delightful woman named Erin. On it she tells the story of her own recovery from serious illness using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It's a very well put together site with lots of recipes (with pictures) and great tips to make the SCD easier, tastier and more fun. There's a special page just for holiday recipes!