“I hope you “red-letter” my treatment yesterday because it has amazed me! Most of the horrible lower back problem that I have had for months, probably a year, is gone. I was beginning to think the unthinkable—that I would have to tell the med. man when I would see him soon. God knows what might have come of that!!

Many, many thanks!

K. Peru, Ill


“What you did for my foot was like a breath of fresh air for my body!!

A.E. Davenport, Ia


“Thank you for helping me through my pregnancy. Everyone around me was amazed at how healthy I looked and felt the whole time….with any issue I had you fixed it with one or two adjustments.”



Neck psoriasis and anxiety on bridges resloved! “These are problems that I had most of my 39 years. Now they are completely resolved!”

“I think Dr. Hogg and all his techniques that he uses are amazing and can change ones life signuficantly. I believe if everyone sought this kind of care many health problems would be 100% resolved and many people would be medicine and pain free!!

R.S. Davenport, Ia

I’ve had digestive problems (bloating, nausea, pain etc) for over 6 years. Also reproductive problems (cycle regulation-was told I would not be able to have a baby-nobody knew why). I saw multiple MDs, DCs and specialists, tried birth control pills, acupuncture, herbs-you name it, I feel I’ve tried it.

Working on regulating my Krebs cycle (with Dr Hogg) has changed my life! Digestive problems are pretty much non-existent! My cycle is now regular, healthy and normal. That is huge as no one had an answer or help for me for 6 years and within a few months with Dr Hogg, my life has changed for the better!

Karly A. Davenport, Iowa

I came to see Dr Hogg for posture problems and hot flashes. The posture problem has been slowly progressing over the past 10 years. The hot flashes have been since I had surgery 5 years ago. I felt old and tired. In a short period, the posture has improved dramatically. I no longer have to remind myself to stand/sit up straight! I feel more like my old self. The hot flashes have not gone away yet, but they have been reduced to a tolerable level.

The results here have been and continue to be amazing! I was expecting good results with the posture and got great results quickly. Honestly I was not expecting anything to change with the hot flashes and been happily surprised.

R.B. Davenport, Iowa


The testimonials above are the enthusiastic feedback from my patients about their results. They are not medical opinions. Every patient is unique and results vary. Nothing on this page should be interpreted as meaning that I or chiropractic applied kinesiology can “cure” specific conditions.

Dr. Hogg