Adrenal Stress Disorder

A condition that results when the body is subjected to more stress than it can handle or adapt to. Types of stress include:

Emotional: what we usually think about as stress
Physical: overwork, poor sleep, structural imbalance
Chemical: caffeine, nicotine, refined sugar, solvents, paint and cleaning product fumes
Thermal: Extreme cold or heat or large changes in temperature ove short periods of time (like we’re having now)

Symptoms of Adrenal Stress disorder include:

• Fatigue
• Low blood sugar
• Increased inflammation
• Dizziness
• Impaired healing
• Dehydration
• Muscular weakness
• Asthma, especially after exercise
• Allergies

Prolonged Adrenal Stress Disorder can result in an acute condition called Ligament Stress Syndrome. In Ligament Stress Syndrome, the ligaments become weakened to the point that they can over-stretch, tear and sprain very easily causing:

• Sudden low back pain and spasm, often incapacitating
• Sharp pain in the neck or base of skull
• Sharp pain in any joint, which occurs suddenly without apparent trauma.

For more information on Adrenal Stress Disorder or Ligament Stress Syndrome, please talk to Karen, Valerie or Dr. Hogg

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