Antibiotics Can Do More Harm Than Good

A study published in the most recent Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) documented another area where antibiotics can do more harm than good. "Researchers at Washington University's med school worked with a bunch of primary care doctors around St. Louis to test whether an antibiotic was any better than a placebo for the [...]

Flawed Multivitamin Study?

Some of our patients have expressed concern regarding a recent study that makes a (fairly weak) association between post-menopausal women who take multivitamins and increased death rate. The short article below from Thorne Research addresses several flaws in the study and talks about why we should be careful about drawing conclusions from this study. Some [...]

Get Your Feet Turned On!

In my last post I talked about the need to gradually build up the strength in our feet and ankles if we want to switch to minimalist or "barefoot" styles of footwear. Highly supportive shoes and orthodics (arch/foot supports) deprive our foot and ankle muscles of exercise and cause them to atrophy if worn too [...]

Shoe Review

For the last few weeks I've been writing about my research and experimentation with minimalist or barefoot shoe and ambulation. I feel that there are some benefits to spending at least some time each day on our feet without heavy supportive shoes or orthodics. There will be at least one more post in this series [...]

Minimalist Transition

I'm going to write a short series of posts on my experience and research into minimalist and "barefoot" styles. Today I'll talk a bit about the transition to minimalist footwear. The first minimalist shoes I tried were a pair of martial art shoes I already had. They fit the definition for "minimalist" since the sole [...]

Get Some Sun!

It's Summer and we finally have a few days of sun! This is our chance to get outside, expose some skin and experience our own brand of photosynthesis. You may think that photosynthesis is something only plants do but we humans do it too. The difference is that, instead of making glucose and other sugars, [...]

What is the Best Shoe?

I'm currently investigating this question and the answer may turn out, surprisingly, to be: "none". I've been aware, for about 10 years, of research showing that athletes had higher injury rates with the expensive, state of the art, built up shoes than they did with cheaper, simpler shoes. Now a number of athletes are moving [...]

Garlic Therapy Update

Since I posted the "garlic cough medicine" recipe, I've gotten some feedback from patients that have prompted this update. Some have reported that too much garlic gave them gas. Karen also suggested that I had over-estimated how much garlic I had given her. It turns out that what I was giving her (I just eyeballed [...]

Homemade Herbal Cough Medicine

Spring is coming and, hopefully, the severe cold and flu season we've been having this year will end as the weather improves. In the meantime though a new discovery I made last night may come in handy. Karen rarely gets sick. This year has been an exception and she's been sick twice this year. She [...]