In Applied Kinesiology (AK) I have a large tool bag of treatment techniques that allows me to treat a very wide range of health problems. Like most chiropractors, I do full-spine (always with low force) as well as extremity (hands, feet, elbows, knees etc) adjusting. One area that AK excels in is cranial and sacral adjusting. This is an extremely powerful area of treatment because it can improve function in the entire nervous system. Brain and spinal cord function are improved as cerebral spinal fluid (the fluid that supports and nourishes the brain and spinal cord) circulation is improved.

Almost any area of the body can be impaired by cranial or sacral areas that need adjustment. Some specific problems that can arise include:

  • Poor digestion,  gas,  bloat, nausea
    • poor absorption of nutrients, especially protein, calcium, iron and B12
  • Vision problems
  • Neck pain and weakness
  • Headaches in the front of the head or behind the eyes
  • Ileocecal valve problems and system wide toxicity
    • fatigue
    • whole body achiness
  • Sleep problems
    • Trouble getting to sleep, waking after a few hours or just waking unrested
  • Low back pain
  • Balance and equilibrium problems
  • Abdominal muscle weakeness
    • tummy bulge
    • “core” instability and mid to low back pain
  • Sinus problems

If you get the impression that cranial and sacral adjusting is a big part of what I treat in most appointments, you’re absolutely right! For cranial adjusting I use even lighter contact than when I do spinal adjusting. It’s definitely a situation where “less is more”.

Check  out the video below for more information.

Dr. Hogg