As you may know, Karen, Valerie and I are long-time practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan (TCC). TCC is an ancient martial art from China. When practiced properly, it encompasses moving meditation, gentle physical exercise, Chi Kung (energizing), Taoist philosophy and self defense.

There are many benefits to TCC. It develops strong legs as well as helping maintain upper body strength. It greatly improves sure-footedness and balance. Several studies have found that senior citizens who practice Tai Chi have fewer falls and fewer broken bones. It also helps reduce stress and improves coordination and mental focus.

One of the things I noticed when I first started Tai Chi was an improvement in my immune system. At that point I would succumb to a cold or flu about twice a year. Not bad considering I get exposed dozens of times a week whenever there’s something going around. When I started Tai Chi, that was cut to one or none/year!

Here’s a couple of links to stories on Reuters reporting on studies demonstrating the ability of Tai Chi to improve immunity and help the body fight shingle and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes

Tai Chi has been known for years as a useful form of exercise for arthritis sufferers. Here’s a link to a study that was done showing real benefit for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees.

We’re fortunate to have one of the best Tai Chi Chuan instructors in the country right here in the Quad Cities. Scott Caulpetzer teaches classes in the evenings on Monday and Wednesday as well as several day classes. His main class is Saturday morning at 10:00. if you’re interested in Tai Chi classes, you can contact him at: 322-4002 or ask about classes next time you’re in the office.

Dr. Hogg