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What Happens In Vagus Stays…In Our Body!

The Vagus nerve, also known as the 10th cranial nerve is one of the most important nerves on the body. What does it control? How about nearly every organ! When this important nerve is not functioning properly, it can result in problems throughout the body. Fortunately, there are several methods within Applied Kinesiology (AK) to [...]

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Learn the Dan Tian (aka Dan Tien, Tan Tien) Technique for Helping With SIBO, Ileocecal Valve, Digestion and Brain Balance

What do problems with coordination, learning, digestion, ileocecal valve (ICV) induced toxicity, food allergies, and SIBO (Small Intestional Bacterial Overgrowth) all have in common? Well, aside from the fact that everything in the body is connected and influences everything else, some new studies indicate that dan tian may be a key factor in all of these. [...]

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